Comfort Zone Camp, Grief, and Young Adults Experiencing the Death of a Loved One

At this morning’s Rotary meeting, a very moving presentation was given by Courtney D’Amico of the Comfort Zone Camp. What’s really cool about Comfort Zone Camp is that it truly transforms the lives of children and young adults ages 7-17 who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver. The free camps include confidence building programs and age-based support groups that break the emotional isolation grief often brings.

The reason Courtney’s talk and video touched me this morning is that I spent most of the day yesterday working on a very sad wrongful death case and also wrote and posted a detailed blog post about the rights of victims of wrongful death in Orange County, California.

From a legal perspective, we’ve always been able to do a very good job assisting families experiencing wrongful death. We have always been able to make sure our wrongful death victims are properly compensated by the responsible party. Frankly, we’re very good at handling the “legal” aspect of a wrongful death case.

But what about the non-legal aspect of such a loss? Who helps take care of the physical and emotional needs of children and young adults who have experienced a loss?

I guess what really struck me this morning is the lack of support for children and young adults who experience the death of a loved one. Who can they turn to for support and guidance? Who’s shoulder can they rest their head on when times get tough and emotions get raw?

Another reason I was impressed with Comfort Zone Camp is that it provides grieving children with a voice, a place and a community in which to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives. And that’s exactly what they need.

The videos at their website will touch you in a deep and personal way. I know they brought tears to my eyes.

My law firm will be actively sharing this resource with our wrongful death clients and, any other families who could benefit from the Comfort Zone Camp services. I hope you do too.

I strongly urge you to visit Comfort Zone Camp’s website at and get involved. Watch the videos (I’ve posted my favorite here on our site) and check out their online scrapbook. Volunteer if you can. Donate if you can.

In closing, I’d like to share a poem found on their brochure…

“…It’s OK to remember
As we go our way
All the colors of the rainbow
Go with you every day
Here within this circle
That we call our own
It’s OK to remember
Cause you are not along…”

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