Did You Know That Hand-Free Devices Can Distract Drivers Up To 27 Seconds?


When you use your phone or any hands-free device in your car, including voice-activated entertainment and communication systems, your brain is not focused on the act of driving. What this means is that if you’re traveling 50 mph while talking on the phone or using your voice to change audio settings on your music system, you’ll travel the length of two football fields during just about ⅕ of this time (5 seconds) before your brain fully focused on the act of driving. How far do you think you’ll have traveled during the remaining 20 or so seconds?

It’s really scary when you think about it.

University of Utah professor, David Strayer, who was part of the study resulting in these findings, puts his findings into perspective when he said, “It’s kind of comparable to trying to balance your checkbook as you’re driving down the road. No one would do that.”

We’re sharing this information with you to help you appreciate all of the attention diverting dynamics that take place while driving. Anything you do, like talking on your phone hands-free, having a conversation with passengers, or even participating in carpool karaoke can and will distract you from driving safely.

Because it only takes a second or two for you to harm yourself, your family or other innocent third-parties like pedestrians while distracted driving, we took the time to share this post with you. If there’s someone you care about who will benefit from this information, please share this information with them today. You may save someone’s life.

Click here to read professor Strayer’s findings and for more related information. Use the search feature at our website to find other helpful distracted driving articles, links and posts.

Both of our kids have been harmed by distracted drivers. We’ve sat across from families who have lost loved ones because of distracted driving and represented them in heartbreaking cases.

This is personal to us.

We’re here if you need us.

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