Distracted Bicyclist Causes Major Injuries

Last Friday our firm was able to conclude a distracted driver case involving a bicyclist and pedestrian. The case was settled after a year of hard work and for payment of the bicyclist’s insurance policy limits of $300,000.

Our client, a retired physician, was jogging. Without warning, he was struck from behind by a bicyclist traveling at a high rate of speed. It was reported that the bicyclist was looking down at the Fitbit on his wrist (a device that monitors heart rate, speed, and distance) and collided into the back of our client who was safely jogging along the side of the path. Our client experienced severe injuries including a fractured hip and open fracture of the elbow.

Bicyclist Major Injuries

Our client understands firsthand the need to help raise awareness as to the dangers of distracted driving. He authorized us to share his story and these photographs depicting his injuries. The question that needs to be asked by anyone engaged in distracted driving is as follows:

“If this much damage can be done by a inattentive bicyclist, how much harm can be done by a two ton vehicle being operated by a distracted driver?”

The fact of the matter is that too many people are injured or killed each year because of distracted driving. When it comes to automobile collisions, 4,000-6,000 deaths and 400,000 to 600,000 injuries happen each year.

Furthermore, during every single second of the day in the United States, more than 600,000 vehicles are being operated by drivers with mobile electronic devices in their hands. If that’s not startling enough, most people are surprised to learn that the average time a distracted driver takes his or her eyes off the road is about 5 seconds. At 55mph, that’s the equivalent to traveling the distance of a football field blindfolded.

These numbers don’t reflect distracted driving incidents involving boats, bicycles, planes, skateboards, and other modes of transportation.

Please visit this outstanding website to learn more about how you can help raise awareness as to the dangers of distracted driving EndDD.org

Also please see our two recent episodes on TheShow.Live where we discussed this issue with police officers and friends [show #1] [show #2]

If you’d like to support the efforts of our amazing community to help stop distracted driving, please share this information and your story on social media. We’re using #EndDD.

Thank you for supporting our community’s efforts to stop distracted driving. Also, a very big thanks to our client who gave us permission to share his story and pictures.

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