Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and the Law

Artificial Intelligence and Telepresence Robots

In the past we’ve written articles about using Google Glass to pick a jury and how wearable mobile technology will some day help us be better lawyers. Technology is changing everything and when you add artificial intelligence (“AI”) and telepresence robots into the mix, things really start getting interesting.

For example, in the not too distant future, we envision a free or inexpensive app providing an easy to use voice link connected to a searchable artificial intelligence (AI) database loaded with every single state and federal case, statute, opinion and legislative interpretation ever written and used and discussed in a court of law. Adding context to this database will be fact patters of all actual reported cases and statistically generated hypothetical cases . All of this will then be supplemented with economic, social and political data allowing for additional context and tread analysis.

Users of this app would have access to legal solutions and expected outcomes or resolutions unlike ever before. Legal information and analysis would be pulled from millions of resources and then shared in proper context based upon current state and federal law, local and national politics, economics, society and social trends. Results to legal questions or needs would be instant. Advice and recommendations would be premised on real time and present day needs. This cloud based service will fundamentally change the practice of law.

Think this is a bit farfetched? Think again. Remember IBM’s supercomputer Watson? You know, the computer that beat humans on Jeopardy. Well, that computing power is now available to consumers and businesses. IBM shared Watson via the cloud and the development platform and API is available to almost anyone. Here’s how the Watson cloud service works:

In their new book “Bold”, co-authors Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotleror shared the example of Modernizing Medicine launching a handheld based platform in 2011 combining crowdsourcing with big data using Watson. The cloud based service not only loaded millions of journal, textbooks, patient outcome data, and scientific papers, but it also added real world patient and treatment information to the platform. Thousands of doctors have crowdsourced their patient experiences with this platform allowing for never before available research and patient care. Modernizing Medicine taps into this data and provides answers in seconds with full supporting authority, cites and confidence levels. Here’s the program in action:

We believe the same thing will eventually happen with law. AI will monitor all user (personal or company of any size) business transactions, calls, emails and other communications. Image based items will be recognized using technology premised upon the algorithm called Deep Learning developed by University of Toronto’s Geoffrey Hinton. In essence, all real world interactions will be “observed” and placed into the AI database. The end result is that before a human being or company is aware of a legal issue or potential for legal matter, AI will alert the user to possible issues and solutions.

Telepresence Robots

If that isn’t enough to knock your socks off, in the future lawyers, clients, witnesses, experts and even judges will be using telepresence robots to assist with managing and appearing in litigation and trials around the world.

The fact of the matter is that robotics is the fastest growing industry in the world (as report by Littler Workplace Policy Institute) and telepresence technology using robots will save everyone associated with a legal matter money and time. Double Robotics and several other companies already have the technology (see the video below) and with exponential improvement, we see this being a reality in 10 years.

Imagine that for your next court hearing, you log into your app and using your keyboard, webcam and mic you activate a robot at the courthouse that’s been docked in its charging station. You click and digitally lease the robot to travel to your courtroom to appear in law and motion. Your judge is doing the same thing from the bench via her own court issued “judicial” telepresence robot. This technology has unlimited uses and will allow all participants to appear “live” anywhere in the world.

Want to see this telepresence technology in use today? Here you go

So what do you think? Do you agree with what we believe the future has in store for all of us? Do you see this technology being used in your business or industry?

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