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We became lawyers more than a quarter of a century ago because we like to help people. Nothing is more gratifying than making sure the important rights of personal injury and wrongful death victims are protected from wrongdoers and their insurance companies.

When people ask what we do, we tell them “We stop bad things from happening to good people.”

Here’s the problem we’ve observed over the past 25+ years…

Most personal injury victims and families experiencing a wrongful death are simply not aware how difficult it can be to legally recover compensation for the harm and devastating loss. They don’t realize that in most cases, victims and their families are forced to take on highly trained claims adjusters and defense attorneys hired by multibillion-dollar insurance companies.

Victims and their families fail to appreciate the fact that trying to handle their own personal injury or wrongful death case without a lawyer is like putting a baby bunny rabbit into a cage with a hungry, full grown lion. The outcome is not only predictable but painful (especially if you’re the bunny)!

Insurance is a Big “Profit Oriented” Business

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Each year the major companies earn billions of dollars in profits and their claims adjusters earn huge end-of-year bonuses for minimizing what they pay out in claims and maximizing how much money they help the company executives put in their pockets.

Insurance claims adjusters are highly trained professionals. Their job is to do what’s best for their company, not what’s best for you. Now, in all fairness and as with any profession, you get the good with the bad. The tough part is that it’s difficult, if not impossible, for most people to tell the difference.

And that’s why we are making this FREE Wednesday evening Webinar available to all injured consumers (insurance defense attorneys and insurance claims adjusters are not invited).

Don’t Be Denied Justice

Too many victims simply don’t know how to protect their legal rights. Because of this, they are denied justice.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, with good information and the right lawyer, you can protect your rights and receive fair and reasonable compensation. As a matter of fact, in serious injury and life-changing cases, selecting and being represented by the right lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

The problem we’ve watched people make over and over is that too many people make the wrong decisions at the beginning of their cases that forever prevent them from obtaining justice. To make matters worse, most of these people never even know they did something wrong.


To help solve this problem, we decided to share everything we know with victims of personal injury and families who have experienced a tragic wrongful death. We’re talking about more than two decades of tips, tools, and information. To do this, we believe the most effective way is via this free webinar.

You see, there are very good lawyers willing to help you with your case. The challenge for most people is that they simply don’t know how to find, interview and then hire these lawyers.

Until now!

During our free Wednesday evening webinar, we show good people exactly how to find, interview and eventually hire the perfect lawyer for them.

We explain 3 very good ways to find an experienced and top-rated personal injury or wrongful death lawyer in their town. We also reveal 9 important questions (together with detailed answers) that you need to ask EVERY single lawyer you interview. When it’s all said and done, the point of our webinar is to simply help protect your legal rights and show you how to MAXIMIZE the settlement or jury verdict in your case.

Twitter Tip: Use #JWLaw during the event to participate in our real-time twitter feed.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP! You only have one chance to settle your case or take it to trial. Once you sign the settlement documents or get a jury verdict, your case is over.

Because of this fact, we recommend that you listen to and watch our free webinar BEFORE you talk to a lawyer and BEFORE you talk to a representative of an insurance company.

Serving The Injured
For Over 30 Years

Our Orange County personal injury lawyers have a long history of helping the injured. Since we opened our doors in 1986, we have negotiated and litigated to secure the best possible results for every client. Our hard work resulted in considerable recoveries, including a number of multi-million dollar settlements and awards – the type of compensation that truly makes an impact as you work to rebuild and move on with your life. We are prepared to put our experience to work for you.

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