Our "Top 10 Reasons" Why You Should Not Give Your Sworn Statement to the Other Side's Insurance Company

Obviously, each case is different and as in any profession, there are both good and bad claims adjusters and investigators. Having said that, we strongly suggest that you carefully review the following 10 reasons why you should not give the other side’s insurance company (claims adjuster or investigator) your sworn oral or written statement.

  1. They will try to use what you say against you. Look, if all they really want is your version of the facts, then they can easily get that from your lawyer.
  2. You’ll be giving your sworn statement to a trained professional. Her job is to minimize the value of your claim. She knows what she’s doing. You don’t.
  3. Unless you’ve done 20-30 of these, you’re going to be nervous and make mistakes. These mistakes will be used against you later in your claim or during the trial.
  4. To try and protect their insured’s interest, they will never let you take his statement. Why would you ever let them take yours?
  5. If you make a mistake during your statement (and you will), you may not even realize it or if you do, it’ll probably too late.
  6. Sometimes in life, it’s not what you say but how you say it. If something needs to be said, let a professional do the talking for you!
  7. If you give a statement, it sends a message to the claims adjuster that you or your lawyer don’t know what you’re doing.
  8. You don’t want to paint yourself into a corner. Facts can change and new witnesses can appear. How in the world can you share the past 6 months of surgery, rehabilitation, pain, and suffering in a 20-minute interview? Answer- You can’t!
  9. The facts of your case can be easily shared in writing, by your lawyer, once you’ve fully recovered and had a full and complete understanding of all your injuries, losses and damages.
  10. Once the claims adjuster has all he wants from you, he’ll stop going out of his way to treat you in a professional or fair fashion. Keep this bargaining chip in your back pocket and you’ll be able to maximize the chances that your claim is handled in a civil and professional fashion.

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