Spreecast Update

Spreecast Notes and Updates…


8 Tips for an Effective Spreecast

1. Set Up Account: First, make sure your Spreecast account is set up correctly. Upload a pic and add a short and catchy description. Watch the “how to” videos.

Note- Quality USB webcam and mic will give you better quality, impact and results. Also pay attention to the background that your webcam displays

2. Promote: A week, day and hour before your Spreecast, prepare and post a short promo with link to your Spreecast. Ask for an RSVP. Post this promo on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Ping accounts.

3. Share with Spreecast Followers: Several hours before your Spreecast, log in to Spreecast and use the “Add People” button (next to the green Start button) to invite your Spreecast followers to your Spreecast. I like to use the middle blue Spreecast button. You can select “watch”, “invite on screen” or “co-produce.”

4. 5 Minutes Out: Shortly before the Spreecast, log in and make sure all your settings are working correctly. Start on time.

5. Maximize Your Introduction: Once you start your Spreecast and go live, immediately capture your audience’s attention with an interesting intro or promo and introduce yourself. Set the topic.

Encourage sharing and participation- Next, explain how to use the top social media “share” buttons and ask the viewer to share this Spreecast, right now, with their social media friends. Let them know they will not be redirected away from the Spreecast page. You’ve now maximized promotion possibilities of this particular Spreecast.

Also briefly explain the community chat box below the video screen and type in a brief hello message so everyone can see how this works.

Next, explain the “Questions and Comments” button and how this works.

Last, explain the “speaker” and “mic” controls on each side of the red video “Join Me” button.

Explain the “Join Me” video button.

Ask people to use the public chat and to share their questions and comments using these tools. Also invite them to join you via live video by clicking on the red video button.

6. Reset: Briefly share who you are, your guest, and what your Spreecast is about 5 minutes (like a radio or television program). This will allow viewers clicking into your show after the start time to easily understand what your Spreecast is all about. Think about radio interviews or television shows like “Dateline”, “20-20” or “What Would You Do?”. The host will always bring new viewers up to speed on the topic after a break or commercial. You may need to do the same thing.

7. Share Contact and Links: Prepare your contact number and URL and post it/ drag it below the video screen during and at the end of your Spreecast. Depending on the nature of your Spreecast, have a call to action (click here or call this number for…). If not applicable, remind them to follow your channel or join you for your next Spreecast or interview on DATE/TIME.

Also remind them to use the “share” buttons to share the recorded Spreecast with their social media friends.

8. Next Day and Future Follow-ups: The following day and at other times in the future, share your recorded Spreecast using the social media tools we talked about in step #2.

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